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Can you see Him in the doorway amidst the flames?
This spiritual, goose-bump inspiring scene is an actual unretouched photo of a burning dwelling used for a training fire.
Many have asked if there was a death or special occurrence in the history of this structure.
The answer is “No!”
This brings us to the conclusion that even in the most ordinary fires — represented by daily trials and struggles — Jesus is right there with us!


Tommy Neiman’s book “Sirens For The Cross” was approximately three years in the making. It is a collection of some 15 calls that Tommy has responded to in his many years of service as a career Firefighter/Paramedic. These calls undeniably reveal the powerful and loving presence of God on emergency scenes (New edition includes Tommy’s time at 911 as well as special tribute to FDNY firefighters).

The book also contains several humorous incidents briefly described in sections noted as “The Lighter Side”.

All of Tommy’s calls are referenced to or shared in the highlight of a noted passage of scripture. The book culminates with the eventual truth that even rescuers need a Rescuer—that being non other than Jesus Christ. A clearly marked page is then presented for the reader or fellow emergency worker to receive Christ as Savior. This undoubtedly makes “Sirens For The Cross” an excellent resource for churches to use as an outreach to their area’s emergency personnel.

Published by Embrace Communications in Livermore, Colorado, the book is 158 pages and comes in paperback

“Sirens For The Cross” is available in national bookstores (Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, etc) as well as most Christian bookstores in the US and Canada. It carries a $12.95 cover price but is available through this website for $10.00 including taxes and shipping and handling. Simply click on “ORDER” and a return e-mail screen will appear.

Please give address, number of copies desired and name(s) of individuals(s) books are to be personalized to. Orders of (5) or more are reduced to $8.00 per copy.


Free Copies for Responders

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Tommy Neiman